Company Overview

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Port in 1914


HIDRAMAR is a family owned company founded in 1989. The company started specializing in hydraulics. UP TO 2011 HIDRAMAR operates as an auxiliary company, expanding the range of services according to the demand and requirements of its customers. It is in 2011 when HIDRAMAR reconverts into a ship repair company, being contracted directly by shipowners. From 2011 to 2015 HIDRAMAR experiences a spectacular growth of its activities, transforming its production processes and acquiring a high degree of specialization in the shiprepair sector as well as in the Offshore and Oil & Gas sector, which lead to the approval as a vendor for all the major companies of this environment.

2015 Hidramar’s biggest project ever came true: The transformation into a shipyard. These days Hidramar is working hard, conditioning the new facilities in order to extend the range of provided sevices.

Hidramar aims to be the leading Project Management company in our region. We want to deliver offshore and marine services on time, to satisfied customers, proving our technological leadership, based on a solid people oriented organization.

We aim to provide the highest quality services and at the same time reduce down times. To achieve this we effectively, efficiently and safely combine the extraordinary skills of our employees, our vast experience, our network of professional connections, the most advanced technology available and excellent port facilities. We appreciate the importance of caring for the environment and our community. We strive to offer our employees an interesting and challenging work environment and the chance to further develop themselves.

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