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GSF Jack Ryan

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Marine systems
  • Propulsion system; repair hydraulic components of the jacking and locking pins system of Aquamaster Azimuth thruster cans.
  • Power generation; Provide technical support for the overhaul of the MAN engines.
  • Fuel oil system; Fabrication and installation of two platforms for centrifuges.
  • Deck crane; Provide technical support to Sparrows Offshore during the replacement, commissioning and load test of the Seatrax deck crane.
  • Deck crane; Refurbishment of hydraulic systems of the remaining three Seatrax deck cranes.
Drilling equipment
  • Crown mounted compensation; Overhaul the ACMC hydraulic system components, hoses and tubing, flush system clean to NAS6, provide mechanical and hydraulic technical support to NOV for commissioning.
  • HP air system; Removal and refurbishment of the HP valves in the heave compensation system.
  • Mud system; design and installation of a new pneumatic control system for the mezzanine deck mud valve actuators control.
  • Mud system; overhauling of mud valve and pipe works at mezzanine deck.
  • HP air system; Internal inspection with endoscopic camera and UT testing of the 72 APV bottles for recertification.
  • BOP Transporter; Complete refurbishment of mechanical and hydraulic components of SKAGIT
  • LMRP; Survey, manufacture, flush and install new co-flexip hoses on the Lower Marine Riser Package.

GSF Jack Ryan


Walter Hunter · Project Manager

Invoiced hours: > 22.000 hrs
Date: 03/2011 – 08/2011

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