Oil & Gas

Ocean Confidence

  • Positioning; Removed redundant hydrophone system and install new Kjongsberg system, and commission.
  • Power generation; Supply technical assistance to Wartsila for main engine overhauls.
  • Works in Cement unit; Supply technical assistance to remove redundant cement unit.
  • Thruster replacement; Supply technical assistance to Rolls Royce for replacement of 4 thrusters.
  • Fire damper system; Supply technical assistance for the refurbishment of the HVAC fire damper system.
  • Thruster HPU replacement; remove eight redundant HPU ́s and install new rolls Royce systems, pressure test and flush clean system and commission.
  • BOP elevator; Replace BOP elevator main lift cylinder.
  • Subsea; Provide technical assistance to subsea department to dismantle BOP.
  • BOP; Pod Cylinder overhaul, refurbish BOP hydraulic cylinder, pressure test and recertify.
  • LMRP rebuild; Carry out modifications to LMRP pipe spools, pressure test and flush clean.
  • Hydraulic system; conduit block inspection, dimensional and NDT inspection, re-machining of flanges, hydrostatic pressure test and recertify.
  • BOP; Dimensional and NDT inspection, skim flange faces, repair overlay of RTJ flanges ends, butt weld, pressure test and recertify choke and kill spools.
  • BOP; fabricate new bleed off line.
  • Pressure testing; re calibrate and recertify chart recorders.
  • Pressure testing; Install high pressure test line between moon pool and C&K manifold.


Rick Bruce · Project Manager

Date: 06/2014 – 02/2015

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