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Marine systems
  • Main AC pumps; Inspect, repair, pressure test and commission.
  • Seawater cooling system; complete system mechanical equipment refurbishment and commissioning.
  • Hydrophone; Install new hydrophone skin valves.
  • Ballast system; complete refurbishment and commissioning of pump room mechanical equipment.
  • Mooring system; remove, refurbish, and reinstate fairleads.
  • Propulsion; overhaul hydraulic system for variable pitches propellers. Remove, overhaul, repair and bench test hydraulic pumps, reinstate and commission system.
Drilling equipment
  • Low pressure mud system; remove existing spools, manufacture new and reinstate, refurbish and test valves.
  • Vertical pipe racking system; provide technical electrical and mechanical support for NOV during the refurbishment of the PRS system.
  • Iron Roughneck; remove unit to workshop and refurbish under NOV supervision.
  • Top drive; Survey, manufacture, test and flush clean all hydraulic system hose for Canrig 1275E TDS.
  • Skimmer tanks; Design, manufacture and install three additional 15m2 skimmer tanks to the existing system, carry out piping modifications, commission system.
  • BOP Hydraulic Accumulator package; Accumulator inspection and recertification, replace stainless tubing, and refurbish frame steelwork.
  • Riser Gantry crane; provide technical mechanical and hydraulic support for the overhaul of the RGC lifting and traveling equipment, replace hydraulic tubing, flush system, commission and load test.


John Barron · Project Engineer
Yashin Chahin · Project Manager

Invoiced hours: > 34.000 hrs
Date: 03/2011 – 08/2011

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