Spiderjet robotic water jetting, a step forward in sustainable solutions for ultra-high pressure (UHP) blasting.

Tenerife Shipyards, is one of the companies of the Canarian group, Hidramar Group. 30 years of experience providing ship repair services to well-known clients in the Oil and Gas business and maritime sectors, confirming the expertise and reliability of the Group in the industry.

The maritime industry understands and shares the benefits of high-pressure blasting in terms of time and quality of result when preparing large surfaces. As an added value, using a robot for ultra-high pressure blasting significantly reduces the effects and impact on the environment.

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Waterjetting technology finds its use in almost all sectors and industries for almost any surface, thanks to variable pressures, compatibility with different fluids, and flow rates. It is feasible to execute this technique in the most diverse jobs, either in a complete system, until discovering the steel or selectively removing layer by layer.

In the maritime sector, Waterjetting has its application in cleaning tanks, roofs, pontoons of semi-submersible platforms, and for the removal of remains of marine flora and fauna from hulls in living and dead work.
In the industrial sector, it has different applications, especially in the preparation of surfaces in ATEX zones. The hydro blasting technique can be applied for the sanitation or cleaning of metal bridges, trusses, cleaning of tanks, pipes, sewage systems, heavy equipment such as tanker trucks and even cutting with a very high-pressure water jet in environments with the danger of explosion.


 • It respects environmental regulations, it does not modify the chemical properties of the particles embedded in the surface to be prepared.

• It does not generate dust or polluting particles in the air.

• Eliminates operator exposure to polluting elements.

• Allows the application of paint without another removal method.

• It requires less manpower.

• The performance is much higher compared to other technologies.

• Complies with SSPC – NACE regulations.

• The little wastewater it generates is 95% recyclable.

• High maneuverability.

• Greater safety when using this technology in tank cleaning since it does not produce a spark.

• It can be combined with other works since it is not necessary to isolate it.

• Possibility of coupling to a vacuum system that minimizes consumption and waste generation.

• High levels of safety at work.

Water jetting -Spider jet - 3000 hammelman Tenerife Shipyards
Water jetting -Spider jet 3000 tenerife
Water jetting -Spider jet - 3000 hammelman

Waterjetting, Hydroblasting?

Waterjetting and hydroblasting are names used for similar hydro cleaning procedures.
Jetting with high or ultra high-pressure water (Waterjetting) has become the preferred technique for the preparation of surfaces since it is ideal for removing paint, salts, oil residues, and other visible and non-visible contaminants.

The Waterjetting technique (ultra high-pressure water jet or UHP) refers to the single use of water, without adding solid particles. The difference with the cleaning by the hydro-blasting method is that the former is carried out at much higher pressures.
The exclusive use of water in water jetting systems eliminates the problems derived from contamination by dust, mostly in closed spaces. That is precisely why hydroblasting systems are increasingly being used to clean metal surfaces.
It is commonly called a high-pressure water jet when the water is pressurized to remove unwanted matter with a pushing force of more than 700 bar and up to 2100 bar. To be called ultra-high pressure, the pressurization of the water is carried out at pressures higher than 2100 bar. This specification is included in the SSPC / NACE, ISO…

Spiderjet waterjetting ecofriendly

The high-pressure jet technique is considered to have a low impact on the environment. For Hidramar Group this is a differentiating element and is highly valued when it comes to offering sustainable services.

Our purpose is to use, search and experiment with techniques that help to recognize alternatives to significantly reduce the impact that shipyards cause on the environment. For this, we have highly experienced and reliable collaborators such as the Hammelmann company. There is undoubtedly an opportunity to change the way we produce and provide services to the naval sector.


Spiderjet water jetting pioneering spirit


Technological advances in water jetting equipment are at an accelerated pace as the demand for more environmentally-friendly equipment grows. This minimizes the risks of occupational accidents and increases performance, using a minimum of water.
Tenerife Shipyards firm, in its purpose of reducing the impact of its activity on the environment and continue to drive economical and social development, has decided to bet on high-performance technologies from leading companies in the development of water jetting robots, such as the HAMMELMANN company.

These robots have an adherence system to metal surfaces made up of magnetic elements. This system not only allows high maneuverability but can also access areas with greater ease. With a capacity of up to 3000bar, it allows its use in various types of high-pressure water jet jobs.